My Education in Home Schooling

Illustration depicting a green chalk board with a homeschooling concept.
Illustration depicting a green chalk board with a homeschooling concept.

I don’t know how most people spend their second morning home schooling. I spent mine hyperventilating into a paper bag. After less than 24 hours of educating my child at home, I was struck by the realization that I wasn’t up to the task and should move immediately to Plan B. Except I didn’t have a Plan B.

For two years leading up to this I had watched my daughter convince experienced, well-meaning teachers that she was incapable of mastering long division when, in fact, she simply didn’t like long division. Alice’s ploy raised a larger concern: At age 9, she appeared to be cruising along in school without actually doing any work. To my sorrow, it appeared I had given birth to myself, another pleasant slacker fated to a lifetime of successfully studying for midterms between classes until barely paying attention stopped working. Alice wasn’t learning how to learn, she was learning how to coast. Maybe I could wait and see if she

Home schooling and the rights of both children and parents

homeschool-methodsYou report that Westminster council in London wants to impose annual visits on home schooling families to “ensure welfare of children” (We don’t need no education inspectors, insist home educators, 1 January).

British law places children’s education as a parental responsibility, with the state providing schools for those that choose them. Local authorities, repeatedly, find this concept difficult.

Calls to regulate home educationin the different British jurisdictions in recent years have all failed due to protection afforded to families by the Human Rights Act, which enshrines the “right to respect for private and family life”. Parents rightly fear local authorities for the bad decisions they make about the children they gain access to.

The Westminster education committee inquired into home education in 2012. It found no child protection issue. The chair, Graham Stuart MP, recently wrote that “the conflation of home education with a child safeguarding risk amounts to a serious stigma against parents” and that he had never seen either “any credible evidence that home education is a risk factor … nor … evidence that home education effectively hid abuse from the authorities”.

Only the Isle of

Homeschooling City Style

homeschooling-familyIt’s 1:15 on a Monday afternoon, and two dozen kids, mostly girls in brightly colored leggings, are in the gymnastics studio at Asphalt Green on 90th Street and York Avenue, doing what kids in gymnastics classes do. They’re stretching against a wall, palms pressed flat, arms overhead. They’re jumping and fidgeting on a puffy mat as an instructor demonstrates tumbling moves. Up in the balcony, meanwhile, their moms are in semi-distracted kid-tending mode. With one eye, they’re observing their blossoming Gabby Douglases, while with the other they’re reading their iPads, chatting with one another, keeping track of smaller children—or all of the above.

The scene is totally normal, except for one thing. It’s a weekday. At lunch time. Aren’t these kids supposed to be in school?

They are in school, sort of. These are homeschoolers. They can take gymnastics in the middle of the day because they don’t leave their houses each morning, laden with backpacks and lunch, to spend six hours in classrooms down the block or in a different borough at what their parents call “regular school.” Their mothers (and a few of

What is involved in getting a degree in fine arts?

degree_art_schoolHaving a degree in fine arts can be interesting, fun but also quite demanding. It all comes down to where you want to get the degree and what opportunity you want to get from it. The experience can be very well worth it and you have to be committed to getting the right experience in the end.

But how can you reach the fine arts degree? You first have to apply for it obviously and once you do that you need to figure out which one is the right approach. You have to be fully committed to getting the best results. This does mean that you have to follow all instructions to the letter and that does mean a lot of attention to detail, focus and a very good user experience.

It will take some time to figure out the best approach to each class but you have to do that properly if you want to get the best experience and results.

The interesting thing about getting a degree in fine arts is that this is

Why User Experience Is Such A Key Factor In Success

Fulfilling the wants and needs of the user should be the first consideration for anyone developing a mobile app. This means that developers should not focus on what they themselves want the final product to turn out as – instead they should be focused on how the user will interact successfully with the product.

Resources such as this article and this excellent customer onboarding and UX guide published by Swrve, will make the concept of User Experience easier to understand.

Catering to user experience means making the app easy to navigate without having to waste time on unnecessary steps. This needs to be handled carefully – make an app too simplistic and it may not fulfill all the user’s needs.

Everyone makes mistakes – that’s why it is crucial to the overall user experience to ensure any errors made by the user can be corrected easily. If these mistakes cannot be altered, users may be discouraged from using the app.

As users get more familiar with an app it is important that there are shortcuts in place to allow for faster navigation. Having to go through the same process time after

10 Things You Should Consider When Writing Your Assignment


The ability to write a good assignment at the end of a semester can be the difference between you passing a class or failing it. While some students find essay writing completely effortless, others struggle with mastering the format and can fall behind. Read this article to get my assignment help, complete with the ten best tips for writing a great essay.

  1. Know Your Subject

Make sure you pay close attention in your classes so that when the time comes to write the essay. You already possess a large amount of knowledge on the topic, saving you from having to learn everything before you start writing.

  1. Over Research

It’s always good to collect more sources and evidence than you think you need for your essay, because that extra information might come in handy if you fall short of the word count or decide to change your argument.

  1. Read Primary Source First

If you are writing an article about Oliver Twist, then you should absolutely read Oliver Twist

Science Workshops Are Better than Mindless TV in Holidays

When it is time for the holidays, parents tend to let their children loose. One of the most common activities that children indulge in when it comes to holidays is watching TV. However, there are so many other things that are better than watching TV on the holiday such as attending science workshops.

There are many reasons why science workshops are better than watching mindless TV in the holidays.

Some of these reasons are:

They are Informative

One of the biggest benefits of science workshops is that they are informative. They help you understand more about the subject that will benefit your child in the long run and with the subject in general. There is a lot of learning and understanding involved that will be missing while your child is watching TV.

Science workshops come packed with a lot of knowledge and information that your child will learn hands on while watching these workshops. There is nothing better than gaining hands on experience in a subject and science workshops help you with just that.

They Promote In-Depth Understanding Of The Subject

Another important benefit of science workshops is that they promote

An overview of big data and Science of Information technology

Demand in the information technology professionals at various levels is quite understandable.  There is a constant change in the technology and daily new inventions and innovative programs are coming up and the demand from the concerned is on the rise constantly.  The void is created and it has to be filled up constantly to meet the industry demands.  Educational institutes are called to fill the gap by training requisite workforce so that the industry demands can be met in a suitable manner.  Aspirants can choose big data internship or they can go for the Hadoop internship.

Even though bigdata internship and Hadoop can be clubbed and professionals are allowed to choose big data and Hadoop internship, sometimes they are studied separately so that the subjects and its concepts are studied in depth to gain profound knowledge.  Number of training institutes is there in Pune providing a very good quality education on the said subject.  But it is necessary to research and find out which is the best to get extensive training.

hadoop training pune is a place where students gain the subject knowledge through theory and practical classes.  To make the professionals well equipped with